The Boyacheks

The Boyacheks

Friday, August 8, 2008

First Day of School!

Friday was Juliana's first day of school and she was SO excited. The night before she could not sleep and was up at 5:30 in the morning ready to go. She wanted to ride the bus but I had to talk with the bus driver to see where and when she would pick her her up so we all took her. It was a little strange being at home with just the younger 2. It felt like I had more free time but I didn't really. What I had was more individual time with my youngsters. It was a nice change that I have been looking forward to, but also sad as we said goodbye to our 3rd grader.
I went to pick her up and she was all smiles. The teacher had walked her out of school and talked with me for a few minutes and said that she did really good! I really like her teacher and am so thankful that she got her for her first school experience here. We definitely have a social butterfly on our hands as we went to the store afterwards and she saw someone she just met today and she was waving and saying hi like she was a long lost friend :)
Since I picked her up, she has been talking non stop about her day. While we were at the school I talked with the bus driver and Juliana wanted to get on it and ride it home instead of coming with me. I hope she continues to keep up her enthusiasm for school!
What a great blessing as we were a little worried how things would go for her, but I think she will do just fine!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Maybe we are doing something right.......

I know we have only been parents for 3 months now, but we often get hard on ourselves and wonder if we are doing anything right. Well tonight was a special night as Juliana said she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart! A few days ago I was having lunch with the kiddos and was talking to them more about Jesus and asked them why he died and where He lives. They didn't seem to know so we talked about it for a little bit. Later on Juliana said that she wanted to ask Jesus to come live in her heart. I told her that we can talk with Jim tonight and she said ok. When we were going to bed she didn't want to say anything about it so we just said ok. We were really wanting to make sure she understood and wanted to do it for her and not because we told her to. So we have been praying for her for a couple days and tonight she told Jim that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart to live. We prayed with her and used her spanish and english bible and read some verses to make sure she understood as much as posible. It was a precious moment!! August 2 2008. What a great day!