The Boyacheks

The Boyacheks

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 posts in 1 night!

There is just to much to share! So there has been a name change. 2 weeks ago Catalina came to Jim and told him she wants to be called Juliana. So we have been going back and forth with the 2 names. We finally told her she needed to decide which one she wanted and stick with it. So she said she wanted to be called Juliana! Of course we love the name and we all have names that start with a J so that worked out great. We haven't leagally changed her name yet so when we do we will be changing it to Juliana!
I also wanted to share some other pics of us on the water. The Sunday before last some friends invited us over for dinner and took us out on the water. We had a great time! Thanks guys!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Road Trip # 2!

Can you believe we are at it again?! Jim had to work in Canada this last week so we decided to take another road trip and visit the other half of the family. We had a great time visiting with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. The kids did great again in the car as we drove through the night they slept almost the whole time and then when we got to my In-laws we slept a bit while they watched the kids. The next day we went to church and they met lots of new people that had been praying for us and following our journey. On Monday Jims 2 brothers and their families came over and we had a crazy fun day as we had 10 kids under 8 running or crawling around. The kids had so much fun playing with the cousins!! We had one crazy day when myself my father in law and my oldest 2 went with my sister in law Heather and her 2, her sister and her 2 and her parents with 3 of her nephews to an awesome theme park. The only draw back was when it started to down pore and the kids only got to ride 3 rides. The rain never let up and of course me from the warm states thought it is the summer and it is always hot in the summer. Well it was cold and the kids and I were shivering in our shorts and t-shirts. All other canadians had pants on and had brought jackets. I ended up buying the kids a jacket, poor things. I guess I will be prepared next time :) We went to the mall for lunch and then went back home. We will defiinatly have to try it again some other time. It was great just spending time with family and made for some good crazy memories!

The fun hats Aunt Heather and Uncle Joe got :)

Dancing with Cousin Leila

Ten of the G-kids, Sorry we missed ya Nathan, Steven and Jessica

Learning to ride a bike on the second try!!!

At the park, the stores ran out of ponchos so the lady gave us bags :) The kids were such troopers!

Our sweet dog

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Road Trip!

Man, I can't believe it has been this long since I posted last. I have been getting emails from friends telling me I better update or else.... :)
So, I took the 3 kids and the dog on an 11 hour road trip to Orlando to see my family. Everyone kept telling me I was crazy, but the kids did so good! Jim was very busy traveling to 5 different states in the 1 week, so I thought it was a good time to go. We left at 8:30 in the morning and got in at night with Jaysa sleeping only 20 minutes and listen to this, No TV (DVDs). I didn't really plan it that way but I started out wanting to see how long they could go before breaking out the dvd player and before I new it we were there! Jaysa did get fussy at times but I kept pulling out different toys and little snacks and for the most part that seemed to work.
My mom and I took the kids to Universal and Islands on monday only hitting the things for kids and they Loved it! I loved the fact that when we saw Shrek and Donkey, Donkey spoke spanish to them! It was so cute!! We had 2 days where we just stayed at the house, swam and did a little shopping. One day we had a lot of family and friends come by to meet the kids during the whole day, and the last day we went to Aquatica, which is Sea Worlds new water park and it was SO much fun!
We are back now and my mom is here for a few days. It feels good to be back home and the kids did pretty well. So here are some pics!

My Little Princessa

Catalina dancing in the streets with the entertainers waiting on Shrek

The 2 kids with Tio Shaun

They had a lazy river where you went by a fish tank and also the dolphin area and Catlaina and Mami Loved watching the Dolphins!!