The Boyacheks

The Boyacheks

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The kids have been sooooo excited for Halloween, and I think they had a good night!
We went to Trunk or Treat at church and then went around with some friends in their mothers neighborhood. It was fun to see the kids so excited and dressed up.
Jaysa was so cute as after about 4-5 times of seeing people put candy in her bucket she started to get the hang of it and put it out for them herself. And boy, she did not want anyone touching her bucket! John has been really excited as I have been making his Thomas the Train outfit this week and he was watching every thing I did. We were so surprised by some friends of ours who made the buckets for the kids and gave them to Jim at work. What a cute gift!
Jim's parents have been here for a bit helping out with things around the house and with the kids. It was a lot of fun to have them here and we were sad to see them go, especially John as he spent his last week working with Grandpa and having the best time. This week we also went to a Japanese steak house and the kids loved our funny cook. They couldn't believe he cooked right in front of us.

Trick or Treat

John helping Grandpa


Alison said...

Look at you being a domestic diva making the kids halloween costumes - too cute!

I had to laugh at the Shogun pictures. Levi was literally scarred after we went with my parents one night. He wouldn't even go near birthday candles thinking the fire would get big like the one at the "eating place".

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Great to see a post! The kids look so good! They are growing so quickly! Love the choo-choo outfit. I may have to steal that idea from ya; Diego loves Thomas! Great job! Very Creative!

Judy said...

Love the Thomas costume! Seriously, how do you have time to make a costume?? Very impressive! Something I'll probably NEVER do :)

Ruth Ann Craven said...

It was so great bumping into you guys at the zoo! If you're ever back in Nashville, look us up! 615-599-5763

Steven, Ruth Ann, & Anna Marie Craven

Judy said...

Just wanted you to know that we've been thinking about you guys! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that your kids are enjoying all the anticipation of their first real American Christmas! I'm sure you're having fun starting lots of new family traditions! I've been blogging about some of our favorite traditions if you want to check it out!

The Jensen Family said...

You inspire me to get a little more crafty. THe "bought" Halloween costumes just aren't cutting it anymore and I loved the Thomas idea. Pretty sure Andres would still be wearing it if it would have been his. I love keeping up with you all. Hope things continue to go well over the holidays!


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